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Project Focus: Sirene Sweater

Working day in and day out with gradients you get to daydreaming about different ways they can be used and played with. The Sirene Sweater is designed by Leah Chapman, … Continue reading

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Wading through mud

Wow. To say it’s been busy at the studio would be an understatement. My fitbit told me that I’ve been averaging 5 hours sleep a night for most of November … Continue reading

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Freia Friday 11-27-15

the biggest comedian of them all.. Here is our company mascot (center) with her little brother Cody on the right and her walking pal Roxie on the left. Hoping you … Continue reading

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Something akin to childbirth

Good grief.. the new site is up. I feel a combination of excitement and trepidation. I know there are still things that need fixing and have to wrap up the … Continue reading

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a rather bumpy week

You’d think that after so many years doing this that I would know better. But, I don’t. Thursday the 12th, 11am: My laptop died. Along with it, all my accounting … Continue reading

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A new site, a new blog

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog but I get the feeling that there’s more than a few people out there who might be interested in the inner … Continue reading

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Freia Friday 11-6-15

I can’t believe it’s already been 9 1/2 years since I first picked her up and brought her home. An 8 week old pup, I named her Freia after the Norse goddess … Continue reading

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Day 6 - Nebraska -> Iowa
Buh-bye Nebrazzzzzka, Hi-Iowa. Nebraska is flat. Very flat, and if you do happen to dip into a twenty foot valley you lose cell service. And it has very pretty clouds. And gas is cheap. 
In what appears to be the middle of the City of Omaha you cross into Iowa, and it’s no longer flat. It’s rolling hills and windmills, and gas is cheap, and the Trader Joe’s is better than the ones in CA. 
In Nebraska I found the terrain so sleep inducing that I pulled over to take a nap. In Iowa the road curved and followed the little hills and I listened to music and stayed awake. Long drive today and I’m definitely looking forward to getting to Massachusetts. I even miss Wyoming which is weird, I guess the challenge kept the drive interesting at the very least. 
It’s also way more crowded now, starting to hit some of the bigger cities and I rather preferred the emptiness of cowboy country. 
I don’t really want to get political but it’s amazing how these vast empty states have such an effect on such a diverse massive country. It is a very different mindset, but it seems to me (as very much an outsider) somewhat dictated by the requirement of self sufficiency the nature here commands - very different from the metropolitan areas crowded with humans in small spaces with insufficient resources to support all to a decent standard without the high financial cost of a big city. Very different worlds. 
The pup is in the dog house cos she made a mess. I probably gave her too much freedom too soon but she’s so darn cute. I’m going to snuggle with her just a bit to assuage my guilt at her imprisonment. If nothing else me constantly taking her in and outside while trying to train her that the carpet is not a toilet has instead taught her that neither sliding doors nor cracks in the sidewalk are out to get her. Day 5 - woke up at 6:30 ish but knew I wasn’t going anywhere for at least 3 hours. Some small hints of clearing weather though I knew the road would get more slick as it warmed - tough call.  My little brown bear was adorable - keeping watch out the window with an occasional low quiet growl - but I felt completely safe - I was not the only overnight sleeper - a trucker actually offered me his cabin - I’m sure honestly with no strings attached- but I declined.  It seems that people were really looking out for each other and I got some good advice from multiple strangers, everyone ending with a genuine ‘stay safe’. In the morning got little miss thing to do her business outside and we started off to Rawlins. Again super crazy slick - I was fishtailing all over the place and just kept slowing down - at least I could see now - ended up getting passed by a big rig who then drove slowly in front of me with his hazards on until conditions improved - some others flew past us but for a while we were a convoy of about 10 vehicles and I felt much safer. After Rawlins the roads magically became much more drivable and it was much better going for the rest of Wyoming- and clearer still once getting into Nebraska. I was back up to 80mph so could finally put some miles behind me. Made multiple stops to walk the pup, pulled over somewhere in NE for a nap and now am in North Platte (pronounced Plat) home of Buffalo Bill - aka wild bill Cody - (no small irony for me there). Was going to stop at one of my yarn suppliers’ mill in Mitchell Nebraska but given that I’m already 2 days behind schedule at least and that I didn’t want to drive at night on slick roads again i bailed, which is a bit of a shame but I’m happy to not be driving and to have quit a little earlier today. Now Rosie is growling at imaginary demons outside our room - and trying to steal my food - and diving in every 20 minutes for snuggles and kisses.. and learning about mirrors. Oh! And I’m past the 1/2 way mark! (Posted on day 5)
Day 4 - Elko, NV -> Wamsutter, WY 
If I ever do this again I will not cross Wyoming in winter - and I will tell you - just don’t do it. Terrifying. The weather cooperated through Utah until I got to Park City went from overcast to totally socked in with lovely powder snowfall in minutes , and then it was downhill (technically uphill) from there. Roads iced over and bridges becomes dangerously slick and it’s Wyoming so if you go off the road you’re pretty much screwed. I took a chance to try and get to Rawlins but should have stopped in Rock Springs. I ended up pulling into the tiny town of Wamsutter to get in to the only motel in town which was of course full by then as everyone else had the same idea. So I got to sleep in my car (in a truck stop/Subway parking lot/gas station), which surprisingly- though a PITA to rearrange to make room was remarkably not too uncomfortable- or maybe I was just so tired and scared. I was in my nest with the pup by 8:30 and only woke up a couple of times more than I normally would when I’d need to rearrange my sleeping bag or bedding or the pup’s covers. The drinking water in my car was frozen solid by morning - I’d slept with hat, gloves,down jacket, sleeping bag, wrapped in another down coat. The pup had a knit cardigan over her head and a fleece and towel over the rest of her - we were all pretty good. The 24 degree temperature of Wyoming was way colder than the 15 degrees in Elko. (Posted on day 5)
Day 3 - bloody hell. What should have at most taken 7 hours took 13. Hwy 80 closed just as I got to the mountains - so it took an extra 5 hours to go over the pass. Tested all my driving chops today. Slush, snow, ice, black ice covered roads and dense late-night fog. Only skidded once (and was expecting it so not super bad - yay for AWD) and was waved thru chain control cos I have a Subaru w snow tires. A big Benz did spin out in oncoming traffic and thankfully just swirled past me. GPS took me over Mt Rose - unplowed- beautiful but some hairy moments. Speaking of hairy - Rosie has learned her name, and possibly learned that the toilet is outside... she was a trooper today- we took quite a few breaks but by the end of the day she willingly jumped back in the crate for each leg of the trip. OMG does she ever love snow- total goofball - a real joy. I think she’s liking the trip... now installed at a hotel and ready to conk out. Oh and criminy - I forget how beautiful Nevada is... can’t wait to see Utah from the ground level tomorrow. Oh yeah and temperature range today from a high of 32 to a really flipping cold 15. (Posted on Day 3) Day 2 - both mountain passes closed so my road trip is going nowhere fast and frankly I’m exhausted. Spent the day getting to know Rosie a bit and resting at my mum’s place. (Posting on Day 3)
Day 1 - E’ville-> Marysville->Sacramento. Many miles driven but not much distance from the Bay Area. Little side trip to collect my copilot. I had been talking with the folks at #accrescue  about getting a friend for Cody since Freia had passed on.  Sadly Cody died unexpectedly before we could embark on this cross country trip. I knew I wanted still a companion - I realized that I’ve basically had pets my entire adult life and it was too strange to be without. I have some reservations and fears since I’ve dealt with so many medical issues for both Freia and Cody, but only experience and not time will lessen those fears. I will tell you more about Rosie in another post.