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a rather bumpy week

You’d think that after so many years doing this that I would know better. But, I don’t.

Thursday the 12th, 11am: My laptop died. Along with it, all my accounting and payroll for the year. I have a cloud backup, I have a portable backup. But I had not backed up onto the backups since August. Poof! Gone.

Thursday the 12th, 10pm – Friday the 13th, 12:30am: All hope was not entirely lost. my neighbor was in IT for many years and managed to resuscitate the machine into safe mode so I was able to pull my files off. Payroll was saved. Quickbooks was less fortunate as it got corrupted in the crash but 211 minutes on the phone with Rose of Quickbooks Customer Support – from 12:45 am to 4:15 am – and I had a workable quickbooks file again. She even offered that I go sleep and she would continue working on it and call me later on, needless to say I thanked her and told her I’d stick around. Once we had a workable file she set me up on Quickbooks online (which seemed like a good idea at the time but actually is not beefy enough for the way that I use the software) and didn’t even charge me a penny for the time on the phone since the file was not returned to a perfect state – hardly her fault. I’m very impressed with the customer support – she knew just what she was doing and did it well.

Friday the 13th – Saturday the 14th.. All while the laptop fiasco was happening we’ve been having some problems with the dye the last couple of days. The brown color is our “canary in the coal mine” warning us of looming issues and true to form the brown has been acting up warning us that our stove we use to cook the yarn is also on its last legs. Weirdly enough, two weeks ago I bought a second stove with the aim of expanding our capacity once more. Well.. things shift and change and looks like the new stove will just take the place of the old until I can see if the old one is fixable. Tom, my super fix-it man will now be coming in on Monday to get the new stove running.

Saturday the 14th, noon: Now that the files were all off the laptop it was time to see if the machine could be compelled to repairing itself (because of course I also have no clue where my recovery discs are… sigh.. ). No such luck.

Next step.. off to Fry’s for a new laptop…

and this happened..
2015-11-14 17.56.27

I have a fancy new, littler laptop, with Windows 10 no less (and I don’t hate it). 2 more days of tinkering and I have quickbooks running well –  with a nightly backup – all payroll info sorted and all my pretty pictures safe. Of course had to invest in new software as well but it’s all good. A month ago I bought a new desktop machine to build the new giant website. A desktop seems almost as archaic to me as a landline; and it’s something I’ve not had in years, however, had I not had that to dump files on I’d have been in real trouble.

As each week rolls out I like to think ‘this weekend I won’t work quite as much, or maybe if I’m lucky I’ll even get a half day to do something, or even do nothing.” god knows I have no shortage of cleaning and laundry to do, but that’s no fun either. So my default to retain some semblance of sanity is a dog walk. This was from today’s walk at a local cemetery, where I paid a small homage to my  6 year old dead laptop.


*Of course I feel ridiculous even grumble about this when some very bad things have happened in Paris, in Beirut, in Kenya, in Afghanistan, in Syria and the list goes on. We can think we feel Paris’ pain because we can relate, living in similar circumstances, societal structure and political system, but the pain is everywhere, let us not forget, and one can only hope that we will do better to make this stop, everywhere.


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