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Something akin to childbirth

Good grief.. the new site is up. I feel a combination of excitement and trepidation. I know there are still things that need fixing and have to wrap up the mobile version but the bulk of it is done and it’s finished enough to go live. I feel as though there should be some sort of fanfare but it’s just dogs snoring and the sound of the odd car driving by. Maybe a glass of wine is in order.. I’m such a party animal.12239716_10153714602244076_3152857424801114987_n

if you have a minute, please take a look around..


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How exciting! @etsystudio included us amongst some other great yarns!  #Repost @etsy with @repostapp
Stop scrolling. Start making. @EtsyStudio is open now! Explore our new market where you’ll find craft supplies, DIY projects, and creative inspiration, all in one place (link in bio). #KeepMaking Oh sewing machine - it's been too long - I'm sorry I've neglected you - I didn't know I missed you so much! #patchingallthejeans Saturday unwind rewind Saturday Ice Queen in motion #Repost @artiststakeaction with @repostapp
Freia Fibers

Handpaint Yarns - Ombre minis

Nine mini ombré yarn balls - 20+ grams / 40+ yards each. Hand painted  in Oakland CA. Use for knitting, weaving, crochet or just to look at! 100% US wool. 
domestic shipping $8 [you will pay it directly to Freia]

by placing a bid you agree to the rules and terms in our first image.
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