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Wading through mud

Wow. To say it’s been busy at the studio would be an understatement. My fitbit told me that I’ve been averaging 5 hours sleep a night for most of November and all of December. And it feels like it.


Then at the end of December I took what was to be sort of a vacation, my first real stretch of personal time off in the last 10 years to visit my ailing father in England. Though it was absolutely the right thing to do, it was no less exhausting and very emotionally draining. The long years of long hours, as much as I love what I do, have taken their toll; it was only in the brief suspension of it that I was able to take a look at it all.  As is not unusual with workaholics who finally take a break, of course I got horribly ill, but also managed to catch up on some well needed sleep and some precious family time. It’s also made me look at what I can do to make my life better find out what I want from all this work. There’s an awful lot of talk out there of work/life balance and I somewhat take issue with it as for myself – big picture – I do love what I do. Of course some of the minutia is frustrating but it’s all part of the bigger picture of making a fantastic yarn in amazing colors that keeps me going. So my work is my life and it’s good. Taking those ten days off though did give me the mental space to stop and think a bit and look at making some changes so that I can feel more of a personal purpose (and benefit) from all this work.

I am notoriously spendthrift. I make do with what I have and don’t need or want the latest gadgets, fashions or toys (except for that Tesla, but that’s another thing), so all company earnings get plowed back into the company. Well it’s time to start spending some of that on me. I live in a rather rough around the edges loft and I think, after 20 years living here and at least 15 since I’ve done any work on the place, it’s time to update a few things. I have had projects in mind for the better part of a decade and it’s time to put them into place, a couple of bathroom remodels, some updating of my kitchen, time to also finally put in a proper closet space in my bedroom, and if I can decide quite what to do, to also return what was the original home for Freia Yarns, the commercially zoned ground floor of my loft, into a proper guest space and knitting/designing creative space. I’ve started pinning a few ideas in my Pinterest if you are interested in seeing where I’m going with this, and I’ll share before and after pics as it all gets rolling.

The second change or step I want to take is to find a PA to help me out with getting myself organized and sorted so that when I do take a few hours off I’m not paralyzed by all the things I should be doing, and can actually do something to stretch my mind such as go to a museum or read a good book. Simple things perhaps, but big changes…


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